Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Over hurdle one

I got yarns and beads to start my Curiously Clever Clogs! The beads are boring and matchy matchy but I think they'll dress up the red and make them more interesting than just plain red clogs. In case the picture isn't right on your screen, those are red, green and purple skeins of Cascade 220 and two sizes of red glass beads. I'll use the red for the top, purple for the bottom part and green for the inside. I love red and green together and I think the purple will be less predictable than black. The green is almost all balled up so I should be able to cast on tonight. I read through the first part of the pattern again and it should be an interesting knit. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of different colors and yarn choices as this pattern starts to get knitted by others besides me. Be sure to add your finished slippers to the gallery on the stitch diva site.

Oh, and if you have links to yarns or beads or felting tutorials, send me those links so I can start working on the sidebar linkage.

I'm already planning my second pair!


Blogger quiltknit said...

Pleeease let me join. I am having so much trouble with this pattern even tho I have been knitting for more yrs than I care to tell you. I got through the first part ok but I'm having trouble visualizing the second sole part. TIA, Maureen

10:28 AM  

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